"I like Fun Time Performers because it is fun and you get to be in a big concert.  The concert gives you the chance to feel like a star because you have a dressing room behind the stage and lots of costumes to wear."

Ruby (Student)

"I like Fun Time Performers because it is really fun.  The teachers are very nice and you get to see your friends there."

Emma (Student)

"Fun Time Performers teaches you performing skills and helps us feel confident about performing in front of people."

Belinda (Parent)

Our daughter, Ella, never wants to miss her Fun Time Performers afternoons, even begging to go to school when she is unwell, rather than have to also stay home from Fun Time! What we love about Fun Time Performers is it gives children exposure from an early age to all three core areas of the arts of singing, dancing and drama in their age groups, yet with only half and hour focus on each it is not too long for the little ones to start to lose focus. We have seen incredible growth in her confidence over the years since she started Fun Time and her teachers have told us she has gone from this shy little girl in kindergarten to a potential school leader. She has won her school's public speaking contests for her grade and is non-stop singing and dancing around the house in her free time, even writing her own songs since the age of 7! The end of year concerts are amazing. Instead of sitting through a whole concert just to catch a glimpse of your child in one or two items, at a Fun Time Concert they are on stage many many times. Plus, all the costumes are provided so no sewing for me. Yay!!

Mel (Parent)

"My daughter has been attending Fun Time Performers for the past 3 years and it is the highlight of her week. Throughout that time, I have watched her develop not only her skills in dancing, singing and drama, but more importantly into a much more confident girl. Before starting Fun Time Performers she was a very shy child, but with the gentle encouragement and guidance from the wonderful teachers her self-esteem and confidence has grown dramatically. Now she can’t wait until the end of year concert to perform. While the children and teachers definitely work hard with the amazing end of year concert as their goal, the weekly classes are filled with fun and laughter and the main focus is allowing each child to shine and grow in confidence. I would highly recommend Fun Time Performers for any parents looking for a group that offers a variety of modalities within the performing arts in a fun and stimulating environment."


"Our daughters have been attending Fun Time for 3 years and they love it!! It's great that the students don't have to choose an area of specialisation - getting a taste of three different forms of performing arts really sets Fun Time apart form the other schools."

Tracey (Parent)

"My daughter, Amelia, has always loved dancing and music. We tried a few different dance companies but have found them to be very structured, with the teachers being more concerned whether the bun is perfect or the shoes are done up properly. When we joined Funtime, it was like a breath of fresh air. In the two and a half years Amelia has been with Funtime she has only missed one class, and that was due to a school camp!. It is the highlight of her week. Not only does Amelia enjoy her 1.5 hours of dancing, singing & drama, but I can also see big improvements in her confidence, especially with public speaking. Amelia’s enthusiasm has finally rubbed off on her younger sister, Eloise, who has joined this year. From just the first couple of weeks she was hooked and is loving the variety of Funtime. I can also see a vast improvement in her confidence and can’t wait to see how she goes in the end of year concert. Thank you so much Daina for all that you do… my girls would be lost without Funtime!"

Sharnie (Parent)

"My daughter has attended Fun Time Performers for the past 3 years and absolutely loves going to the classes each week. She is able to participate in dance, singing and drama all in the one setting and her confidence has greatly improved. The staff are friendly and approachable and provide an environment where the children feel comfortable, no matter what there skill level is. We look forward to the concert each year and the smile and enjoyment on our daughters face is priceless."